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Faisal Fareed is a highly accomplished and esteemed entrepreneur hailing from the United Arab Emirates. He is widely recognized for his impressive track record across various industries, including motorsports. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Mr. Fareed also serves as the Managing Director at Prozone International, a leading provider of oil field supplies in the region. Furthermore, he is a highly skilled and renowned UAE National Rally driver, with a reputation for excellence both on and off the track.
Mr. Faisal Fareed, a renowned personality in UAE's industrial sector, has an accomplished track record in winning numerous Rallycross and motocross events. He is widely recognized as a highly skilled business strategist and is frequently sought-after by many of the UAE's top industrialists. Hailing from the state of Kerala in India, Mr. Fareed currently resides in UAE with his family.

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Faisal Fareed has a strong presence in the UAE, with connections both in business and personal life. His love for motorsports drives his passion further. Faisal is determined to make a mark in the business world, with plans to meet potential high-end clients in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. His focus on developing a company growth strategy that prioritizes financial gains is unwavering. Prozone International Oilfield, which specializes in the procurement of oil and gas, logistics, drilling equipment, spare parts, and lubricants for the oil and gas industry, is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.
Prozone is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to drilling contractors and operators during rig upgrades and refurbishments. Faisal Fareed is leading the way in implementing strategic plans for the company's growth and success. His exceptional skills as a rally driver have earned him admiration from fellow F1 racers who recognize his ability to balance both business and racing with ease.

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Faisal Fareed, a visionary leader, has established himself as the Managing Director of Prozone Oilfield. He is a successful entrepreneur with deep business connections in the UAE and across various countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.
It's truly remarkable how he's accomplished so much in both business and Motor Sports at his age. What's even more impressive is his unwavering passion for motorsports, which has led him to earn numerous accolades in various car rallies throughout the UAE.
Faisal Fareed has undoubtedly established himself as a top-tier Rallycross driver with a remarkable racing history. His participation in the Al-Dhaid rally in 2019 and the Sharjah Rally in 2020 are just some examples of his outstanding performance. It's truly impressive to see how well he has mastered these two vastly different styles of racing. Not many people can achieve such a perfect balance between them.

It's a great thing and not so many people can be proud to say that both these entirely different tastes are balanced perfectly.

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The Entrepreneur, Sportsman and What not? ::

After the unfortunate accidents in 2017 and 2018, Faisal Fareed and his co-driver managed to win the top position in the Al Thaid rally. Even though gear shifting occurs, they manage to win somehow. Faisal Fareed always believes that failures are the stepping stones to success. They thanked all the crew members, their vehicle and supporting staff, and the tyre manufacturers after their victory and were looking forward to more victories in future rallies. The motorsports enthusiast in him is equally brilliant as the entrepreneur he is. With his high-level contacts and business relationships, he used to be the best business negotiator and development strategist in his association.

faisal fareed
faisal fareed

The Business Relationship Strategist ::

Faisal Fareed is a leading operational manager in Prozone International Oilfield supplies and he created an incredible business plan to connect high-end clients in many countries. His popularity in national rallies made him a centre of attraction and the contacts he maintains are the assets for his business plans too. Faisal Fareed is an excellent entrepreneur and it's a great thing that he balances business life and sports life in equilibrium. Recently he won second place in the UAE Rally Cross Championship which was organized by the emirates motor club.





The Sharjah Rally 2020 ::

The next major achievement was in the 2020 Sharjah Rally, after Al Thaid Rally in 2019, where Mr Faisal Fareed with co-driver, Thanzeem finished 7th with their Ford fiesta. Faisal Fareed was seen in action on the SS2 of the rally, which was slippery and wet due to early morning rain. He engaged in a day-long struggle with Saneem, who finished 6th in a Fiesta that was quite identical to his own, and the two were separated by just 0.4 seconds at the finish line. Both Fiestas, which were originally produced by MSport in the UK, offer some entertaining FWD racing.

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